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Sound Off: Who's your favorite veteran?

Veterans Day is Nov. 11. A veteran is a person serving or who has served in a branch of the military. Who is your favorite veteran?

My dad is James Dunivent. He was in the Army. We were talking about the replica Vietnam Veterans Wall that was, on tour, recently, in Conway. He told me about how he was in DC in the Army when the original one was dedicated and President Reagan was there. He thinks he has the original program with Veterans signatures on it. — Tiff Rodgers

My daddy, Thomas George, a Vietnam Vet and my husband, Troy Lehmann, who served in the Army. — Janice Lehman

My grandfather, Roy Jim Underwood who served in Army Air Corps WWII; my dad, David Beckner, served in the Army during Vietnam. Both are deceased. My stepdad, Jack fielder, National Guard. My husband, James Gibson, USMC. My father-n-law, John A Crawford, retired Army. And my brother-n-law and sister-n-law, Jonathan Crawford Regina Nelson, both, currently serving in the Army. Proud of them all. — Michelle Gibson

My dad, Troy Witcher, who served 20 years in the Army then retired to do another 20 plus years with the post office and my son, Brandon Elmenhurst, who joined the Air Force at 17, a young boy, not sure what he wanted out of life, but now is 21, married and a father who is now a man serving his country in Guam. I couldn’t be a more proud mom, granny and daughter. — Trish Witcher

My dad, Tharp Ramsey, who was in the Army during WWII, serving in the Philippines. We didn’t hear many stories of the war because he would not talk about it. One story though was when my Mom went out to California for a visit and when he got to train station. he couldn’t find her. He finally went back to his base and she was sitting in the company commander’s office. Also, I’m proud of my husband, Jim McGraw, who joined the Army and served in Korea. I can’t believe he was a paratrooper and jumped out of planes and helicopters. — Sharon McGraw

Elmer C. Horton who served in WW II. He left his wife and three kids to serve. The letters they wrote to each other....priceless. I think of him every time I face a flag. — Sandy Ragland

D.E. Allen, my brother, USAF; Mike Aeilts U.S. Army; George Erion, U.S. Army; Joel Friant, USAF; Danny Gildner, USAF. — Jim Allen


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Many of the men in my family served in the military. My Great Grandpa was in the Civil War and my Grandpa served in the Army during WWI then joined the Georgia National Guard. My father server with him when he was 15 then he joined the Marines at 17 and ended up being stationed at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked. During WWII he served as a DI at Paris Island and completed 23 years of service. Six of my Uncles served in the Army during WWII. All returned home but one. He was killed in action at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. It is funny how the military works. Three of my Uncles were from New Jersey and served in different Companies of the same unit and three were from Georgia and served in different Companies yet they were all on the same battle field at the same time and didn't even know it. My father in-law served as a Submariner during the Korean Conflict. When I was 17 I followed the family tradition and joined the Army and served 34 years in total. When I was in Germany I traveled to Belgium to see where my Uncles had fought and where Uncle Peter died. This was a very memorable experience for me. Like my father who experienced an attack on American soil, I too experience the attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. What a day to remember.
I am very proud and thankful for the military legacy that my family has, and I am equally grateful for all the veterans that served our nation. Our freedom has never been free, it has been earned by the grace of God, and the sacrifice of many. I want to close with this great quote. “No arsenal or no weapon in the arsenal of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women”. President Ronald Reagan

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That is easy my husband. He has been in the service for 18 years now and I am so proud to be a military spouse. It isn't easy, and when they are deployed there are lots of tears, but how joyous when they return home! I am so blessed to know that my husband is wearing the uniform of a United States Air Force member.


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