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Building Permit Procedures

2014 Tornado โ€“ Building Permit Procedures:

Building Permits for Tornado Damaged Structures

Damaged Structures
Storm Damage Permits Issued on Request
May be Needed for Insurance or Tax Relief
Inspections Made on Request
Destroyed Structures
Regular Permits Required
Normal Inspections Required
Building Permit Fees Will Be Waived
Floodplain Issues

Structures in (or Near) the Regulated Floodplain will Require a Floodplain Development Permit (in Addition to the Building Permit)
Lowest Floor Elevation Must be 2 feet above the Base Flood Elevation
Structures Built Before December 2006 That Were in the Floodway Can be Rebuilt on the Same Footprint.
Manufactured Homes

Can be Placed in Zoning Districts that Allow Them
Minimum Criteria Must be Met (Le. built in last 5 years)
Temporary Living While Repairing Damaged Structures

Travel Trailers, Motor Homes, Etc. Allowed
Portable Offices, Temporary Buildings Allowed
Need Revisited After 6 Months
Questions? Call Vilonia City Hall at 501.796.2534