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Eagle Town Buzz: 4/6/15



• Turn in your empty toilet paper rolls to Vilonia City Hall by April 17. The city of Vilonia is collecting toilet paper rolls for a recycling project that will promote a campaign for Kimberly Clark's Scott Brand. On April 18, Build Day for the Soaring Eagle Memorial Park, members of Kaboom and Kimberly Clark and volunteers plan to build an art project to bring awareness to recycling.

• Happy birthday Lauryn Kimbrell, Logan Wilson, Lisa Lang, Mica Gunter and April Greer.

• Congrats to Andrew Shock, over in Mt. Vernon, on your retirement after 41 years at Kimberly-Clark.

• Get well soon. The city's go-to person, city clerk Kelly Lawrence underwent surgery this week and has to be down a few days.

• Kids in Vilonia still go to the library. Kirsten Wise got her first library card this week and she was thrilled.

• Shame, shame on the thief who stole the wallet and threw it behind the ATM machine at the 64 Store. A little Eagle told me the thief took the $200 out before he discarded it. Yes, it was a guy and his face is on the camera.

• A little Eagle told me a Brian Moore base guitar was stolen from New Hope Holiness Fellowship Church on Highway 36, north of the Eight Mile Store. This is a one of a kind guitar and will be hard to hide. Someone knows who you are. God knows who you are. Take it back.

• Dress patrols. One dad had to take his son a shirt to school in Vilonia, this week for wearing a shirt with a “southern” flag on it. School officials said it was offensive.

• A new slate of royalty will soon reign over the city. The 2015 Miss Vilonia Royalty Pageant is to be held April 11, at the Vilonia Primary.

• Awesomeness. Try the Lemon Pie Shake from Sonic.

• Happy anniversary to Butch and Julie Money and Scott and Gidget Ferrin.

• Pay to play. Some parents with kids in community sports in Vilonia are complaining about having to help pay the $12.50, before each game, to help pay for umpires in addition to paying $65 per child.

• A best kept secret. John Wayne's grandson, John T. Wayne lives in Arkansas. Terina Atkins, media specialist at Vilonia Middle School, met him last week. He's an author.

• News from Corey and Kayla Wells. The couple are in St. Louis waiting on Corey to recoup from a bone marrow transplant. Kayla writes that “Corey is the youngest person on this floor. We have met so many nice elderly people on our floor. They refer us as the Razorbacks. Corey was hand chosen by God because he knows Corey can beat this battle. He is strong and brave. He has his toughest battle ahead but God knows what he wants for Corey. Please continue to pray for him.”


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