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Keller: There will always be way that God can use you

If you doubt that God will use you...hear this...

Our friends know we are in the process of becoming foster parents. Everyone knows how much I love babies.

Sunday afternoon, I got a call from a family member who volunteers at a homeless shelter. A mom and her baby had been there for several weeks and, I was told, the mom just needed a week without her baby to really detox and get it together. My family member calls me and asks if I could keep baby for five to seven days. The initial plan was to pick the baby up Monday morning, but I couldn’t wait so my husband and I left church early and picked him up. It was love at first sight. The baby was perfect. We had all we needed, thanks to my awesome friends and family, so we were able to just bring the baby home. When we got home, I gave the child the first real bath it may have ever had, and the only attempt at a bath in six days. The baby had never had its nails clipped. Probably for the first time in life, the baby was clean, warm, full and smelled so pretty. Monday morning, I got a call that mom had left the shelter and said she didn’t want the child, that I could just have the baby because I loved it.

We sure did love that baby. How could you not?

Of course, my first instinct was to shout yay and move on. After reality hit, I knew it wouldn’t be fair for me to keep the little one. I have another family member, on the other side of the family tree, who has been waiting and praying for a baby to hopefully adopt. I knew then that that’s why we had been involved in this ordeal. I made contact with her and of course, she wanted the child. We pondered how in the world we could get it to work, so perfectly, that we would get to navigate that whole placement.

We didn’t. God did though. He worked it out so perfectly, no dragging it out. The baby didn’t have to go into the system. The child never felt lonely in my mind. The baby was able to leave my arms and go straight to, hopefully, a forever mommy. I can’t wait to see how God uses this baby. It will have quite the story to tell someday. I know the child will bring us all lots of smiles, happiness and stories.

So, I had such a mixture of emotions yesterday. I felt anger towards the biological mom, sadness because this isn’t where he was meant to be, thankful that I was able to remove him from that environment and overwhelmed with joy to know he has been placed in a loving home.

The moral of the story is this....God still works. When you least expect it, he will use you. Be ready.


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