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School district still working through make-up days

After most highways and roads were clear of snow and ice, the Vilonia School District, among others, deemed weather and travel conditions safe enough to resume classes effective March 9.

Among the main issues to be tackled by the district upon returning is the matter of compensating for time missed. The school district has missed six days in total during the school year.

“We currently have five days for make-up built into our school calendar,” said Vilonia superintendent Dr. David Stephens. “We will decide if we will make up some with extended days.”

Should the district decide to add days, the end date of the 2014-2015 school year would most likely occur in the first week of June.

However, the district also has another option afforded to them under the provisions of Act 286.

Formerly a house bill signed into law by Governor Asa Hutchinson, the act gives schools the choice of adding time onto existing school days, be it through several hours at day’s end or a few minutes tacked onto classes, to gradually compensate for missed days.

The last round of winter weather occurred on March 4, when freezing rain segued into a mixture of snow and sleet that would blanket the northern and central parts of the state overnight. By the time the sun rose on the morning of March 5, Vilonia was among several central Arkansan cities and towns to have their roads buried in half a foot of solid white snow and ice.

With the snow and ice combination resulting in slickened roads and highways, road conditions were deemed dismal for travel statewide, leading to many schools temporarily stopping their day-to-day operations.


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