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Vilonia middle schoolers writer letters to Embassy

Fifth graders in the VAST at the Vilonia Middle School are daydreaming about hanging the flags of other countries in their classroom.

They are reaching out to ambassadors and embassies to make it happen.

“This is the first writing assignment they haven’t complained about,” said teacher Jeff Ashley. Explaining the project, he said, it is a way to show the students a purpose for writing.

Each student was required to write to a different ambassador of a country. First, however, they had to learn about the embassy.

Fifty-five students in the class, they first wrote in their journals. Then, they were sent via email to the same number of foreign consulate offices in New York asking for information and a related flag to hang in their classroom. The class began to get responses within 24 hours.

Italy has responded and there’s word that a flag is on the way from Greece. A student has heard back from Australia and Norway.

Their classroom was already decorated by a variety of flags. The students like them and so does Ashley.

“I have liked flags since I was a kid,” Ashley said. The students said the project has been very exciting and they hope to hear from each country rather than just to receive an auto-reply. One student has hopes of also meeting an ambassador.


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